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HOZ - Hacha Open Zource v1.65

Copyright (C) 2004 Gustavo Picon

License: GNU/GPL

# Download

Source Code: hoz-165.tar.gz
Windows binaries:
Pics: img/

Debian intel package it's available here.
You can also add the following lines in your /etc/apt/sources.list file, then use apt-get install hoz to install it.
deb unstable main
deb-src unstable main

To recompile Debian package for your specific platform, type the following commands after add sources lines:
# apt-get update
# apt-get source -b hoz

# # About # HOZ is what you would call a 'file splitter'. Its file format is the same as the one used by the 'Hacha' software, a well known splitter in Spain and Latinamerica. HOZ is an open-source and portable C implementation of an 'Hacha' compatible splitter. HOZ is smaller and faster than 'Hacha'. btw, I used a 'Z' isntead of a 'S' in 'Zource' because 'hoz' is 'sickle' in spanish, and since 'hacha' is the spanish word for 'axe'... # # Install: # - Windows: Download the file and use some of the binaries included there: hoz-en.exe CLI, english hoz-es.exe CLI, spanish hoz-fr.exe CLI, french whoz-en.exe Windows UI, english whoz-es.exe Windows UI, spanish whoz-fr.exe Windows UI, french These binaries have been compiled with the MINGW compiler included in DEV-C++, and then compressed with UPX. you can find the original binaries in, also included in - Other platforms: There are two available user interfaces: CLI: All you need is make and a standard C compiler. To build type './makehoz cli' The binary generated will be named 'hoz' GTK2: You'll need make, a C compiler and GTK2 installed on your system. To build type './makehoz gtk' The binary generated will be named 'ghoz' In case you want to build the CLI and GTK2 versions at the same time, you can use './makehoz both' By default, an english version will be built. If you want a different language, you can pass another parameter to './makehoz'. Currently there are three langs supported: 'en' (english), 'es' (spanish) and 'fr' (french). So for example, if you want to make a spanish GTK2 build of HOZ, you'll have to type './makehoz gtk es' The binaries will be generated in /usr/bin, so you must have the right permissions to use './makehoz' (when in doubt, su to root). # # Use # There are two basic operations: cut and paste. Cut will 'split' a file in pieces. The size of each piece is passed as an option. Each piece will have a numeric extension, starting with 0. So for instance if you 'cut' a file called 'foo.iso', the pieces will be named 'foo.iso.0', 'foo.iso.1' and so on. Paste will 'merge' these pieces and generate and exact copy of the original file. CLI versions: type 'hoz --help' Graphical versions: Click, click, click... # # Comments # - Staring in version 2.79, 'Hacha' has an option of adding a 'CRC' code to the file pieces. This 'CRC' code _is_not_a_standard_algorithm_ and has been invented by the author of 'Hacha'. HOZ _does_not_ include an option to generate this 'CRC', or to check it when a file is 'Pasted'. Note that you can still paste files that has this 'CRC' code without problems. - The win32 binaries have been compressed with UPX. If your antivirus find an infected file (a false alarm), you can find the original binaries in And please get a better antivirus software. # # Changelog: # * 1.65 (2004-Feb-18) - Added support for size suffixes in the cli mode ('K'=KiB and 'M'=MiB) - Added a size combobox in the GTK and Win32 versions, so you can select "bytes", "KiB" (1024 bytes) and "MiB" (1024*1024 bytes) - Fixed a bug in the gtk version, was showing an invalid size message when the size editbox was empty. * 1.63 (2004-Feb-11) - Added getopt_long support (--* options). Hopefully this will make Rudy happy. * 1.61 (2004-Jan-21) - Fixed a bug that could generate corrupt pieces on _very_rare_ ocassions. * 1.6 (2004-Jan-14) - Fixed a bug when pasting (forgot to remove a debug code) * 1.5 (2004-Jan-12) - Added a graphical user interface for *NIX systems, in GTK2. - Shell script for *NIX builds: './makehoz' - File operations will stop when there is no more bytes free in the filesystem. - Very minor bugfixes/improvements * 1.2: - Added an option to specify an output dir when cutting/pasting - Added an option to 'force' a file overwrite when pasting. - Corrected a bug when calculating the control byte when cutting (internal) - Now using getopt for the CLI version. - Minor bugfixes. * 1.1: First public version # # See also: # - Hacha: The original program. Written in (ugh) Visual Basic for the win32 platform. Hacha is freeware, but not open source. # # License # This software has been published under the GNU/GPL license. Read 'copying.txt' for more info. # # Disclaimer # The usual: published as-is, no warranty, no support. There is not a single line of SCO source code in this software.